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Founder, Vivien Joy

Vivien Joy

- most popular brand in May and June. 

My Passion, my vision

"The vision behind the Vivien Joy brand is much bigger and deeper than just designing and offering beautiful and sustainable fashion.


People should be awakened, that the fast fashion industry is transformed into a more conscious and sustainable consumption, to a consumption in which the really important things are in the foreground, but which are often not materialistic at all.


That people get the best out of themselves through clothing and the values associated with it, in order to develop their true potential."

Many garments from the current collection are made from sustainable fabrics like pure Tencel, Tencel jersey or Tencel linen as well as certified organic cotton.


The accessories are made exclusively from fabric scraps that would otherwise be impossible to recycle.


Currently, all fabrics are ordered from Germany or nearby countries and the actual production of the garments as well as the distribution takes place in one and the same place, thus avoiding environmentally damaging transport routes.


Currently and in the future, it is a great concern of Vivien Joy to always make everything as sustainable as possible.


We donate 4% of our revenue to a charitable organization.

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