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We got a new website..

You are now reading the first blogpost (of many to come) on our new website.

When we first launched back in May 2020 - we only had a simple promotion website.

We quickly realized, that we needed more than that. We have therefore planned a substantial upgrade - and you see now, is just the first phase.

We have plans to expand the site much more - and will step by step add topics / features.

The first major thing, that we have added - is the blog post .

Not only does it give us a way to communicate, what we believe is important to all our users. But - it also give our users a area to get in touch and comment. We hope, that many of you will take that opportunity.

The new website also gives us more "room" to explain more about the offset projects, that we currently offer. We plan to expand this area as well - so you can follow the various projects and the progress being made.

But - what would you like us to add to the website? What are we missing? - let us know - and we will do what we can, to include that in future updates.

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