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We are now in business... started out in May with a free app based carbon calculator for individuals. Now its time to get into business.

We are therefore now offering small and medium size companies a quick and easy way for them to offset their carbon emission.

All they have to do, is to give us the basic information related to electricity, heating and transport. In return, we create an carbon emission report with an offer for carbon offset.

Should they decide to carbon offset, we will issue a carbon offset certificate, that can be shown on their website etc.

Why should a company be carbon neutral?

In short - for two reasons.

1) Be a responsible company, that makes sure, not to harm the climate.

2) Make more money.

More and more customers, expects exactly that, companies, that have a strong view on well behavior, when it comes to climate. And - their buying intentions are solely with these companies. In other words, making sure, that your business is carbon neutral is a marketing- and image effort.

And - the cost associated with carbon or co2 offset, should therefore be regarded as a marketing cost, that will lead to later income. Not just a cost.

What are we offering?

We are experts in helping smaller / mid-sized companies with scope 1+2 emissions. In plain text - direct emission from your own company - related to electricity/heating and transport.

(Scope 3 emissions are in-direct emissions, that may be caused by sub-contractors. That is a rather complex topic, that is not suited for our quick & simple set up.).

All businesses are busy. But the smaller ones, does not have dedicated teams looking into carbon emissions. That´s why we are here to help.

And - you get a free carbon emission report.

We wont charge you for the work related to making the carbon emission report. We make our money, when you (hopefully) decides to buy carbon offset from us.

Want to know more - then check out the business page on our new website.

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