WANTED! Sustainable brands

you want to buy a pair of sustainable jeans? - but struggle to find the right brand?

Are you trying to make climate friendly decisions, but sometimes struggle to find the right sustainable product? Then, you are not alone.

We want to change that. We want to bring people with an interest for the climate like YOU - in touch with brands, that as well is fighting climate change.

Say hello to MeetUp!

An area on our webpage, where sustainable brands can get in front of climate conscious consumers.

This is what we do:

  • Invite brands to be visible on our website.

  • Invite you to help identifying the brands to be featured.

  • Invite you to like brands - so others can take your advice.

In essence we help each other finding sustainable options.

Want to help?

know a brand (committed to sustainability), that you want to recommend to others? Then go to MeetUp and share your recommandation.

What brands are we looking for?

We are particular looking for smaller brands, brands that to most people are unknown. We feel, that we all have an obligation to help small brands with a climate friendly agenda.

Tesla is doing great helping to drive the interest for EV's. But, no need for us to feature them on our side, since they

are known to most people already.

We want to help the smaller brands to become better known - and thereby more successful. This can be brands in one country, that we can help to get known in new countries.

So, please share this initiative to everyone you fell could be interested. The more people and brands we reach, the better for all of us.

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