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Vivien Joy - best for the second month in a row...

Again in June Vivien Joy was the most popular brand among our visitors. That´s the first time for someone to go first two months in a row. Congratulations!

Haven't heard of Vivien Joy yet? - then it is time to change that. Read more about what the founder have to say - here.

Meet Up Top 10 in June.

We have a lot more cool brands on MeetUp - find the top 10 below. Do yourself a favor - and go check them out:

1) Vivien Joy, Germany

2) Nina Rein, Germany

3) Daily Mantra, Netherlands

4) We are ZRCL, Switzerland

5) Shop Elleclipse, UK

6) No Encore, UK

7) Mai Design, Denmark

8) A Different Ball Game, UK

9) Or.basics, Germany

10) Lusquinos, Portugal

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