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Register for the MeetUp Forum - and use it to announce new products - or engage with potential customers.

No cure/no pay

It is free to be listed on MeetUp. 

All you pay - is a fee for each customer we sent to your site.

Self Service

We will soon launch a module, that allows you to manage your own area on MeetUp. Edit text, change pictures - you just do that. As simple as that.

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Frequently asked questions


How many people can see my presence on MeetUp?

Today - we have a few thousands site visitors every month. We aim to significantly increase that over the months to come. After now having optimised the site experience we will now invest in more digital advertising - and drive interest for MeetUp Forum.

How can I see how much traffic I get to my site?

You got two ways: 1) You can create a UTM code and share that with us. That way you can follow the traffic from us to you via various tools - i.e. Google Analytics. 2) You can see that from the monthly invoice, that we send you.

Can I influence how many categories I am featured in?

When you sign up to MeetUp - you tell us the categories that has your interest. Be realistic, you should only be listed for a category if you have a range of products, that is relevent to that category. To ensure the best possible experience for visitors to the site - we reserve the right to make a final judgement on this.

How can I be featured in the top of each category?

It is free to be featured on MeetUp. We will however charge a small fee for the top 10 brands in each category in the future. Here and now - we try and rotate the top brands featured.

Can I have multiple pictures featured?

Today, you can have one picture per category. But - we are working on a new solution, where you get your own page on MeetUp. When that happens - you can have multiple pictures (and videos) + a lot more text, that you can use to explain your products.


How do I get on MeetUp Forum?

Click here. Then sign up - and create your profile. You can add a picture - and explain who you are. If you got news you want to share - a new product launch etc - you simply just do that.

No cure/no pay

What does it cost to be on MeetUp?

It is free to set up a profile on MeetUp. But - we will charge you 0,75 eur for each visitor, that clicks on the link and then lands on your site.

How often do I have to pay?

We will charge you once a month. You simply get an invoice with an easy way of paying using a credit card.

How can I control that my invoice is correct?

We monitoir the trafic that goes from our site to yours with Google Analytics. You can measure the trafic you receive from us - by giving us a UTM code, that we will then add to your profile. Google Analytics - or another tool will then be able to give you further information about both the volume of traffic - and the quality as well. PS: There might be a minor descrepency between the two numbers.

Self service

What is self service?

We are working on a solution, that allows you to set up - and edit your presence on MeetUp - all by yourself. You can then edit text, upload new pictures etc in a few minutes. Expected launch: September 2021.