Forest protection, Brazil

Protect existing rainforest and animal life

An area the size of 9.250 football fields protected. 

Home for 340 species of flora - of which 54 endagered. 


Area: 920.000 hectares (9.200 km2 – roughly 25% the size of Denmark).  50,480 hectares of avoided deforestation (app 500m2)  516,399 tCO2eq reduced emissions.  340 species of flora – 54 are endangered 2.070 species of fauna – 133 are endangered 

Further details:  

The Jari/Pará REDD+ Project with the purpose of promoting forest conservation and reducing potential greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) based on a model of local economic development that values the “standing forest”. The Project is located in the municipality of Almeirim, in the State of Pará, and borders the State of Amapá to the North.  There is a very important role in this region as it serves as a home for many rural families and as an ecological corridor. There are several communities directly or indirectly influenced by the Project, either because they are geographically within the Project Area or because they provide manpower, some of them being: Nova Vida, Braço, Cafezal, Recreio & Serra Grande. 

It has a very rich biodiversity, its vegetation includes ten forest and non-forest formations, the most representative is the Dense Ombrophylous Forest, which has several variations according to its location on the ground. In addition to species of extreme ecological importance (27 species of flora and fauna have some degree of threat according to the IUCN Red List) and social (extractive communities have diverse flora as a source of income and food).

The main rivers are the Tueré River, the Jari River (state border Pará/Amapá), the Paru River and the Amazon River (to the south). Based on the studies developed, it is noted that the main agents that threaten the integrity of the Project region are squatters and small farmers through agriculture and livestock activities and major infrastructure works. Therefore, the components of this Project have been developed and aligned to minimize and avoid deforestation, as well as to promote benefits for the climate, communities and biodiversity.  

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Forest protection, Brazil

Forest protection, Brazil

Forest protection, Brazil

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