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The result from the calculator is ONLY a guidance to your personal carbon footprint. It is by no means a precise result.

For us to give you a more precise result, we need a lot more information – and even information that you seldom will have access to. (i.e. the specific aircraft, that you are flying with, the type of bus you are taking when going to work etc.)

For your result to be as precise as possible, we encourage you to give us the detailed information related to your home.

We have developed a calculator, that based on few questions, will give you an idea of your footprint. But again – it’s only a guidance.

Your carbon footprint, or your impact on the environment, measures the greenhouse gasses that you are responsible for creating. That can be activities as driving your car, taking a flight – or eating a steak.

The calculator is developed to calculate your expected footprint the coming year. Other calculators calculate the past year. We have chosen to look ahead for the simple reason, that you can only change your behavior in the future – not the past.

You estimate your expected behavior – ideally offset your emission. And at the end of the one-year period, you can then check your actual behavior against your estimate.

In the future, zeeroo.me will add features, that dynamically will track some of your behavior. Basically, the same way your electricity provider tracks your usage vs your expected usage.

We are using publicly available data sources. We have compiled and compared data from many sources.

You will find hundreds of carbon calculators on the internet today – and they will all give you a different result. The reason for that is, that apart from using a different mix of sources – we may also make different decisions for how to use the data.

Yes! – we want the calculator to give the best possible guidance. We are therefore updating the calculator in two ways:

  1. Updating the data, we are using from publicly available sources.
  2. Our data gets more and more accurate with input from every user.

We have chosen to focus on the 5 top reasons for carbon emission. (Home, commute, travel, food and shopping).

We have tried to find the right balance between ease of use and accuracy. However, that also means, that we have excluded factors such as the co2 quality of aircrafts, specific departure/arrival airport etc.

More importantly, we have only included carbon emission, that you have a direct control off. Unlike some other calculators, we do not include your share of the public sector. (hospitals, military, police etc).

In the future we will offer you the possibility to add more precise information (but also using more time doing that), that in return will give a more precise result.

We suggest that you only include people in your household above 18 years old. The carbon emission from kids using electricity will then be accounted for by the parents.

However, do remember, that when travelling by plane/train, to increase the number of travels to include your kids as well, when they take up a normal seat.

Offset projects

Carbon offset projects allow individuals and companies to invest in environmental projects around the world in order to balance out their own carbon footprints. The projects are usually based in developing countries and most commonly are designed to reduce future emissions.

When you buy an offset, you fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

All projects that we offer has been certified by either Verra or Gold Standard. This ensures, that to the best of their abilities, they ensure, that you get what you pay for. In plain text, if you pay for 6 tons off set, the projects have been certified to deliver that as a minimum. You can read much more about Verra and Gold Standard and their work by clicking at the links below:


Furthermore in our project descriptions we always link to Verra or Gold Standard databases for that specific project. From that link, you will have access to read all the audit reports, that has been conducted.

Our principles are simple and straightforward.

  • Only quality projects – verified by Verra or Gold Standard.
  • Only projects, that are in countries, where the country would otherwise struggle initiate and fund the project.
  • Only projects that supports several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

An example of a social impact project can be a cook stove project. Not only will new cook stoves reduce the carbon emission from thousands of families, but it will also help families to reduce time to collect wood or cost of wood (new cook stoves are more efficient and require less wood) – and significantly improve the air quality. Furthermore, less time spend collecting wood and preparing the food, allows women to spend their time otherwise, slowly improving gender equity.

Social impact projects are typically more expensive compared to supporting building energy plants etc. However, we value the social element to the extent, that we accept that additional cost.

We are often asked that question. The best you can do for the climate is to reduce your emission to a bare minimum. But you still need food, you still need to buy something, you still need to get to work and you may choose to visit some of you family far away.

So, when buying into an offset project, you do MORE to the climate, than even the most ambitious climate activist, since you offset yourself to zero. And – since our projects always support additional UN sustainable development goals (SDG) – you will do more to help, than “just” neutralizing your carbon offset. You help people in developing countries to get a better and healthier life.

That said, buying offset and then continue to live the way we all do today is NOT the right way forward. We all have a responsibility to reduce our footprint permanently, but only offset can take you to zero. To help you reduce your footprint permanently, we encourage you to read the learn section of zeeroo.me.

We are a serious business. As such, we have authorized our accountancy firm to audit, the balance between credits we are buying and selling – and by that, ensuring, that we are not selling the credits more than one time. The audit report will be made publicly available.


We believe, that bringing people together is key to fight climate change. Creating a group allows you to invite friends and family to follow you – and you them. You can then see data from each other and feel a bit of friendly encouragement to do as good as the best.

You can create as many groups, as you like, so you may choose to separate friends, family, work colleagues etc.


A leaderboard is a ranking of users (or groups) based on either footprint (the lower the better), offset and offset ratio. That way you can see how you are doing compared to others – also outside your groups.

The leaderboards show input from users, that have made minimum one offset transaction. We believe that all users are updating the calculator to the best of their knowledge – and as such the leaderboard is a good way for you to compare yourself vs others in your country.


zeeroo.me is owned by private investors. The company is listed in Denmark as a Limited Liability company, under the name Klima ApS under the number: 40869255.

zeeroo.me is a company, not a non-profit organization. Access to zeeroo.me is free of charge for all users. We generate a profit to cover cost and return on investment from a margin on sold offset projects and from selling advertising space to partners.

We exist to bring people together to fight climate change. In doing so, we will manage our business responsibly while creating value for users, partners, employees, owners and the society around us.

zeeroo.me will obviously offset all carbon emission that occurs from our business.

Servers all over the world are consuming a substantial amount of energy. We have therefore chosen to host zeeroo.me on Google Cloud, that is 100% driven from renewable energy sources.



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