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Co2 Calculator

made for small/medium sized business

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for individuals

Use the carbon footprint calculator
to find out how your everyday life affects
the environment.


It only takes five minutes
to answer a few questions.

Detailed statistics and country averages.

Compare your results with others.

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We are not for everyone

We are specialized in helping small/medium sized companies become carbon neutral.

Examples of what we can support.

Our business model is simple: 

  1. You give us your carbon details.

  2. We calculate your emission for free

  3. In return - you offset your emission with us.

  4. We issue a proof of carbon neutrality.


Are you updating the carbon calculator over time?

Yes! – we want the carbon calculator to give the best possible guidance. We are therefore updating the carbon  calculator in two ways:

  1. Updating the data, we are using from publicly available sources.

  2. Our data gets more and more accurate with input from every user.

What have you decided to include/exclude from the carbon calculator result?

We have chosen to focus on the 5 top reasons for carbon emission. (Home, commute, travel, food and shopping).
We have tried to find the right balance between ease of use and accuracy. However, that also means, that we have excluded factors such as the co2 quality of aircrafts, specific departure/arrival airport etc.
More importantly, we have only included carbon emission, that you have a direct control off. Unlike some other calculators, we do not include your share of the public sector. (hospitals, military, police etc).
In the future we will offer you the possibility to add more precise information (but also using more time doing that), that in return will give a more precise result.

What are the principles behind the carbon calculator?

The carbon calculator is developed to calculate your expected carbon footprint the coming year. Other calculators calculate the past year. We have chosen to look ahead for the simple reason, that you can only change your behavior in the future – not the past.
You estimate your expected behavior – ideally offset your carbon emission. And at the end of the one-year period, you can then check your actual behavior against your estimate.
In the future, will add features, that dynamically will track some of your behavior. Basically, the same way your electricity provider tracks your usage vs your expected usage.

What data sources are you using?

We are using publicly available data sources. We have compiled and compared data from many sources.
You will find hundreds of carbon calculators on the internet today – and they will all give you a different result. The reason for that is, that apart from using a different mix of sources – we may also make different decisions for how to use the data. by Klima ApS

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