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Get your free CO2 calculator now. 

Get your carbon footprint in minutes.

Learn how to reduce your footprint.

Certified CO2 offset projects.

Build groups - and invite friends.

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Use the carbon footprint calculator
to find out how your everyday life affects the environment.


It only takes five minutes
to answer a few questions.

Get detailed statistics and country averages.

Then compare your results with others.

Calculator: About

Use the carbon footprint calculator
to find out how your everyday life affects
the environment.


It only takes five minutes
to answer a few questions.

Detailed statistics and country averages.

Compare your results with others.

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co2 calculator

The co2 calculator includes 5 categories.

  • Travel (when you go on vacation)

  • Transport (your daily commute to work)

  • Food (how much meat do you consume ?)

  • Shopping (How much do you spend?)

  • Home (how do you heat your home?)


Once you have completed the 5 easy steps - you can compare your co2 footprint to the average for your country - by category.

On the Phone

Carbon offset

We currently offer 3 different carbon projects. All very different, but all certified to the highest standard.

Choose between: 

1) Plant a tree (Panama)

2) Forest protection (Brazil)

3) Cookstoves (Rwanda)

The philosophy is simple. Calculate your carbon footprint - and offset yourself. 

Download the app - use the carbon calculator - and be surprised too see, that for most people - it will cost you less than a Netflix subscription per month.

Once you carbon offset, you will receive a badge, that you can share on social media, by mail etc - to share with your friends, that you have chosen to become a carbon neutral human being.

On the Phone

create a group

Imagine, that you have chosen to offset your carbon emission. Thereby one person more in the world today, that is carbon neutral.

That's great - but you can do even better. You can get your friends and family to follow your lead.


That way - you can multiply yourself.

We have made it easy for you do to exactly that. Right from within the app, you can invite friends via social media, email etc.

Just follow these easy steps:

1) Create and name a group.

2) Invite friends.

3) Follow each other in the group.

You can then have a friendly "battle" over who is doing best - having the lowest carbon footprint.



Copenhagen, Denmark

"I believe it is important to offset my footprint. I have chosen to do that by buying a subscription for the Plant a Tree project. That way I can help planting more trees and support endangered animals."



Prague, Czech Republic

"This app is wonderful. Calculating your carbon footprint is just the first step, then you actually get to neutralize it by supporting amazing projects like train forest protection or tree planting. Love it!"



London, UK

We're at a critical point in history, with a climate emergency changing the world. There has to be a collective effort, from personal responsibility through to corporate and government. That is why I joined



Prague, Czech Republic

 “It was eye opening to find out, how my lifestyle and decisions affect the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. The offsetting of my carbon footprint with was the smallest thing to relieve my conscience."


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