Create a group

Imagine, that you have chosen to offset yourself. Thereby one person more in the world today, that is carbon neutral.

That's great - but you can do even better. You can get your friends and family to follow your lead.


That way - you can multiply yourself. And, you can create as many groups as you like. One for the family, one for friends or work colleagues. All up to you.

Follow the simple step by step guide below.

Step 1:

Create group

1. Name you group. Can be your name, so its easily associated with you. A family name or maybe the workplace, if you want colleagues to join. You decide!

2. Add a short description, so its clear who the group is for - and maybe an objective for group - i.e. we want to offset 1.000 tonnes or we want to be 100 people in the group.

3. Upload a picture, to add a bit of fun to the group.​

4. Add a code, that your friends will use, when joining the group. You can use the default code - or edit that to anything you like.

Step 2:

Ready to invite friends to your group.

Now its time to invite people to your group. You can do that in two ways. You can invite people one by one - or you can create an invite to many at the same time.

One to one invite:

1. Decide what badge to include in your invite. 

2. Click share - and select how you want to share. (Messenger, Whats App etc).


"Many invite".

You got many friends or followers on Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin? - then use this way to invite.

1. Click "copy invitation URL". 

2. Paste the invitation code into a social media update, email etc. 

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Step 3:

Follow your group.

You now got a group. And as your friends starts to accept your invite, they will appear in your group.

You can then compare their footprint and offset to your own numbers - and then engage in a friendly "battle". 

Click on the name of one of the group members and you see the detailed footprint breakdown by category.