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Behind the sustainable brand

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If you think nature is a luxury, you are right. 

LIMA was born in Bali, in the middle of the covid19 pandemic to reflect the mindset of two woman, eager to change the world with a clear premise: 


Create a brand that promotes body and mind cultivation through casual and sustainable sports-oriented apparel.


But, how?


In LIMA we work from our souls developing a sustainable project, based on natural and recycled materials so that you have the opportunity to wear clothing you can be proud to stand behind.  

We are part of a community, living and working with people promoting ethical and local workmanship. Working hand in hand with fine tailors and eco-friendly factories in Bali, LIMA aims to push past the normalcy of fast-fashion brands


We want to empower ourselves and every woman with our natural and sustainable designs, so everyone can be part of this positive movement that we believe in.


That’s how LIMA was born, and that’s why we created it. A feminine, vital, fashionable and sustainable company for all kinds of women who share our passionate mindset.

Go check Lima out, on their own site.


Vivien Joy

- most popular brand in May and June. 

My Passion, my vision

"The vision behind the Vivien Joy brand is much bigger and deeper than just designing and offering beautiful and sustainable fashion.


People should be awakened, that the fast fashion industry is transformed into a more conscious and sustainable consumption, to a consumption in which the really important things are in the foreground, but which are often not materialistic at all.


That people get the best out of themselves through clothing and the values associated with it, in order to develop their true potential."

Many garments from the current collection are made from sustainable fabrics like pure Tencel, Tencel jersey or Tencel linen as well as certified organic cotton.


The accessories are made exclusively from fabric scraps that would otherwise be impossible to recycle.


Currently, all fabrics are ordered from Germany or nearby countries and the actual production of the garments as well as the distribution takes place in one and the same place, thus avoiding environmentally damaging transport routes.


Currently and in the future, it is a great concern of Vivien Joy to always make everything as sustainable as possible.


We donate 4% of our revenue to a charitable organization.

Founder, Vivien Joy

Vivien Joy

The philosophy behind Kintobe. 

Kintobe is a conversation about what kind of a world we want to pass on to the next generation. We want a kinder and more accepting world. A world with less fear and hate. More openness and human connection.


We realized that there is one simple way to support this mission: "Get out the door and meet other people."


That’s why we’re here. We believe that the first step towards a kinder and more accepting world is getting out the door and meeting other people with an open mind.


The name, Kintobe, literally means “the person you haven’t met yet”... Your kin - to  - be. As we grow, we want to shed light on the amazing changes kindness can build and be your inspiration to carry kindness every day.


Bags are essential for getting out. They enable us to get around, be curious and explore new neighborhoods, cultures and people in a convenient and easy way. We want to make bags that enable you to be out in the streets. Whether it is on your daily commute, a Saturday shopping stroll, cafe visit or an adventure in a new neighborhood. It’s our dream that our bags will accompany you while carrying kindness.


Kindness towards the earth as well as towards our fellow human beings. We strive to be the most sustainable bag brand in Scandinavia and we have pledged to make each collection more sustainable than the previous. 

"The first step towards a kinder and more accepting world is getting out the door and meeting other people. Put on your bag and join us"
- Anne, Founder of Kintobe

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