About us is about the the simple principle: "Clean up - after yourself". Most people do that everyday in all other aspects of life. Then why not, when it comes to our carbon emission?

The idea for originates back to the summer of 2019. The first concrete plans were made in the Autumn - and we launched the app in May 2020.

Our goal for is easy to remember, but hard to reach.

We want to help ONE MILLION people globally to become carbon neutral.

What you see on this web page and from the app. Is just the beginning. We have a long list of new ideas that we cannot wait to launch. 

We hope, that you can identify yourself with our idea - and wants to be a part of the ONE MILLION movement.

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Users worldmap .jpg users in 93 countries

Since our launch in May 2020, we are thrilled to share, that we now have users in 93 countries. From Norway in the north to South Africa in the south.


United Nations has 193 member countries - so we are almost halfway to be truly global.