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Scroll Down started out as an idea helping people to understand their carbon footprint - and then to offset themselves.


We got people all over the world to use our carbon footprint calculator - but not that many took the opportunity to offset themselves. Leaving us far from the target we had.


We realized, we had to do things different.


What we did learn from the calculator results was, that shopping was one of the biggest reasons for carbon emission. And at the same time, we noticed a lot of upcoming brands with great and innovative ideas for sustainable products.


When talking to them, we realized that they struggled to get attention - and to get in front of customers with a desire to buy sustainable products. They simply did not have the time, energy, knowledge, and money to master all the areas of todays marketing.


We decided to change that. We decided to create a meeting place for sustainable brands and consumers.


MeetUp by was born!



MeetUp is yours. Use it!

Check out all the cool brands and products already on MeetUp - with more being added almost every day. You will find products from many countries - and in many categories. All with one thing in common: Doing good for the environment.


Chat & discuss.

MeetUp also has a discussion forum - where you can discuss all topics related to sustainability. Just post your questions or comments - and get feedback from other community members.


Share YOUR knowledge.

You may know one or more cool sustainable products / companies. Share that knowledge with the community. The more you help your favorite companies getting more customers - the more you help yourself.

Want to share? - then click here.


Want to do good for the environment?

then help us helping sustainable companies.


Go to MeetUp - and see what is there for you.

Invite your friends and family to MeetUp as well. The more we are - the better.


And - sign up as a member of MeetUp - it is all free - and that way you make sure, that you are not missing out.


All the best

Your team.

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