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Looking for sustainable products?

Find hundreds of cool products here.

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New on MeetUp:

Lima Apparel

Kintobe - a Danish brand  with appetite for more.

Most popular brand in Mai & June: Vivien Joy

Get to know the founders vision for the future.

MeetUp - a sustainable marketplace. 

A place where you can find top sustainable brands from many countries. Top sustainable brands do not necessary mean "big brands" - actually we prefer to find smaller and upcoming sustainable brands. 

Sustainable brands, that may otherwise struggle to get enough attention. 

Top sustainable brands + more.

We are not "just" a place for top sustainable brands to advertise. We intend to be a place for passionate consumers to come together and engage with passionate sustainable brands. For that - we have created MeetUp Forum. You simply sign up - and start engaging with brands and other passionate consumers.

Let's help each other.

Let's be honest. We trust advice from friends more than advertising. We want MeetUp to be a place where we all recommend top sustainable brands to each other. If we just recommend a few each - we will soon have hundreds and hundreds of brands from many countries. 

Just click here - and start recommending a few sustainable brands.

Sustainable brands owners - WANTED:

Do you own an upcoming top sustainable brand? Let´s talk!

We know from experience that starting from scratch is not easy. Tons of things to do to get a brand off the ground. 

We can help with some of that. We can bring you in front of thousands of potential customers every month.


How does this work?

Easy. We have teamed up with experts in digital marketing that over the months to come will help us boost traffic from a several thousands a month to a lot more. 

If you want to get in front of all these people, simply use the template here. And we will get you featured on MeetUp. All for free. It will only cost you when someone clicks on the link to your site. 

Want to know more - click here.

Planting a Tree

Do you know your carbon footprint?

Dont your worry, most people dont. 


Want to know? - that´s easy. We have developed an app - that in a few steps ask you questions in 5 areas. 


In a couple of minutes you then know your footprint - and how to do compared to others in your country. 

Up for the challenge?

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