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Make Earth
a cooler place

How does your lifestyle affect our planet?
Find out in five minutes, learn more about the issue,
and explore ways to offset your carbon footprint.

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Know your carbon footprint

Use the carbon footprint calculator
to find out how your everyday life affects
the environment. It only takes five minutes
to answer a few questions.

  • Detailed statistics and country averages
  • Compare your results with others
  • Quick and easy questionnaire
zeeroo.me Learn about what to do with it zeeroo.me Learn about what to do with it

Broaden your horizons

Learn more about carbon footprints, what contributes to them, and what actions you can take to help everyone live on a healthier planet.

  • From basics to in-depth information
  • Actionable tips to reduce your footprint
  • An ever-growing knowledge base

Team up with friends

Create a group, invite your friends, and see who leads the most climate-friendly life. Then make the world a cooler place together!

  • Create or join a group and see who's doing the most
  • Challenge each other to make Earth a cooler place
  • Compete with other groups from your country
    and around the world

Offset your carbon footprint

Choose one of our carbon offset projects and neutralize your footprint within the app.

  • Certified carbon-reducing projects
  • Support them annually, monthly, or with
    a one-time payment
  • Earn a badge so your friends can see how you're helping the planet

About us

All over the world, we can see how the climate is changing, almost year by year. A vast majority of scientists all over the world has concluded, that the reason for that, is the increased level of CO2 in the atmosphere, that leads to an increased global temperature. zeeroo.me is about how we, one by one, can help fight climate change.

zeeroo.me is focused on 4 areas:


We believe that you need to understand where “you stand” in order for you to “move”. That’s why we have developed a tool, that reveals your personal carbon emission – or also called, your carbon footprint.


Once you know, where you “stand” – you should learn how to “move”, or how to reduce your carbon emission. We have built a catalogue of topics, worth knowing more about, so you can make changes to your daily life.


We believe that the least we can do. Each of us. Would be to “clean up” the carbon emission, that is a result of our actions. We are therefore offering easy access to offset projects. In other words – to “zeeroo” yourself to zero emission – hence the name zeeroo.me.


We believe in the power of many. We therefore encourage you to share your carbon status by creating a group for friends and family. You can then see how you are doing vs the others. You can also see, what the total group reduction of emission is, thanks to YOU starting the group. Your action is no longer, just what you can do, but what the group you created, can do. The impact of your decision to act could that way be significantly multiplied.

Get the app!

zeeroo.me is now available globally. Learn more about how you can contribute to a healthier environment, use the carbon footprint calculator to see where you stand, and offset your footprint right in the app.

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